A Girl Passing as a Boy (Poiters, France, The Evening Herald, 10 December 1859)

The Evening Herald, 10 December 1859 (Poitiers, France)

A Girl Passing As A Boy

An extraordinary case of a girl concealing her sex for many years has just been to light at Poitiers. Augustine alias Augustus Baudouin, a young person of 17, was known in the town and neighbourhood as a particularly smart active lad, and had frequently been in place in respectable houses as "odd boy."

This individual was lately tried and convicted for a robbery. The prisoner lodged an appeal, but before it came on the prison authorities conceived some suspicions and ascertained her to be a female. On being asked what reason she had for wearing men's clothes, she said she had observed that men got their living easier than women, but she refused to give any information as to her birth and parentage. She was removed over to the female wards of the prison, but her repugnance to show herself in woman's attire among her fellow prisoners was so great that she committed suicide by hanging herself to an iron bar with a pocket handkerchief. She had led a chaste life.