The shooting of Zebley (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, 10 February 1887)

The Coroner's Jury Decide That the Affair Was an Accident.

The Times-Philadelphia, Feb 15, 1887 page 3


The Coroner's Jury Decide That the Affair Was an Accident.

The shooting of Harry C. Zebley, the fe­male impersonator, who was killed by Special Officer George A. Stock on last Thurs­day night in John J. Daly's saloon, on Vine street, near Eighth, was the subject of a Coroner's inquest yesterday. A dozen wit­nesses declared that the shooting was accidental. Stock, who was greatly affected. took the witness-stand and gave his version of the affair.

"I had just been appointed a private watchman," he said, "and had bought a new Smith & Wesson revolver. I pulled it out of my pocket to show to Harry and he told me to put it away. I don't know how it exploded, but I heard the report and saw Harry fall. We were like brothers, and I would rather had it happen to me than to him."

Zebley's ante-mortem statement, declaring that the shooting was an accident and that he and Stock were the best of friends, was presented to the Coroner's jury. The verdict was to the effect that "Harry C. Zebley came to his death from a gun-shot wound; the pistol being in the bands of George A. Stock, and that the shooting was accidental." Deputy Coroner Powers then committed Stock to await the grand jury's action