Mobile man gets 15 years in cross-dresser's death (Mobile, Alabama, USA, November 1997)


Mobile man gets 15 years in cross-dresser's death

MOBILE | A judge imposed a 15-year sentence for manslaughter on a Mobile man who said demons made him stab and slash the throat of a cross-dressing stranger.

Taveras Demetrius Forrest, 27, pleaded guilty Thursday to the manslaughter charge in the death of Jerrel Williams, 19. The judge order that Forrest undergo mental health treatment while in prison and to continue treatment should he go free.

The body of Williams was found lying face-down in Spanish Plaza, just southwest of the center of downtown, early on a November morning in 1997. He was dressed in women's attire, and a kitchen knife was sticking out of his throat.

Six years later, in August 2003, Forrest walked into FBI head-quarters in downtown Mobile and later confessed to police that he was the killer. Forrest's lawyer, Jan Jones, said the killing occurred during "and absolute chance encounter on the street."

According to a statement, Forrest said demons apparently required him to make a human sacrifice that would allow him to free himself from their torment.