Man killed one, and attempted to kill two other transgender women (Palm Beach, Florida, USA, 24 March 2012)


NOTE: Blatant misgendering and probable deadnaming from the source articles.

Luis Rijo De Los Santos shot and killed Tyrell Jackson, 23, and wounding Michael Hunter, 20. He is also accused of shooting Terence Chatman, 27, later the same morning.

He was prosecuted for first degree murder and attempted first degree murder and used a 'trans panic' style defense claiming he was defending himself and 'offended' when he discovered they were transgender. The first trial resulted in a mistrial on first-degree murder with a firearm charge for Jackson, and the two counts of attempted first-degree murder (premeditated) for Hunter and Chatman's, and of being cleared of one count of attempted murder and one count of attempted robbery with a firearm.

The just before the second trial, Luis Rijo De Los Santos accepted a plea deal for murder and a 15 year sentence.