#stickerwoman hate flyer campaign in the UK (twitter, UK, August 2018)

Transphobes engaged in a campaign of placing anti-trans stickers, flyers, and drawings in public places to attack the existence of trans women combined with a twitter hashtag campaign

GARY @emerging56:  "#stickerwoman The Abuse on this hashtag is appalling. A trans women I know was at a bus stop where one of these stickers was on display. This led to her being verbally abused and spat at by others in the bus queue. She has since taken an overdose and is in hospital!"
2:03 AM - 19 Aug 2018


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Jean Hatchet‏ @JeanHatchet

"Oooh. #StickerWoman has been joined by her Scottish Sisters and seems they are in Edinburgh. (For clarity - I am NOT StickerWoman and I cannot give you stickers! .... also ... I’m not in Scotland but I wish I was)"
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