Transgender woman stabbed by date (Texas, USA, 19 August 2018)

A cisgender man tried to kill Tenia Williams in Dallas, TX after asking to "chill" with her


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Today I was stabbed in my own home from A guy I met off POF I invited him to my home to chill and he tried to kill me I’m using this as a testimony to help others be careful when meeting ppl off these dating APPS I almost lost my life today please keep me in your prayers 😢 a quick nut isn’t always worth it 🙏🏾


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Trans woman survived stabbing

My name isTenia Williams a black Transgender woman who was stabbed four times in my home by a man I invited over to hang out. Before providing my address he was well aware of me being transgender. This man never gave me any inclination that his intentions were to kill. This was a assault just not on a trans person but a human in general. To be viciously stabbed, choked by a man 2x your weight, size and strength is  traumatizing in it self. Because I am transgender people  automatically assume I mislead him. Society views these crimes as deserved crimes. This was not a money transaction, it was to  adults enjoying one another’s company. I’m asking for this money to assist me with relocating. I don’t feel safe in my current home. This man has not been arrested yet and I’m scared for my life.




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